Topgame recordings


Topgame recordings was created by Sergio Fuentez. His vision: To divine what the record label of the future might look like, keep an eye on the relationship between a band/artist and its management. The creaking and jerry-rigged structure of the major-label music industry  is no more. To paraphrase Churchill, this is not the end of the music industry as we know it. But it may be the end of the beginning of the end. (Got that?) To sing this reprise again: Physical CD sales continue to tank, and the traditional music retailer is dead.

The decline of the CD frees artists to consider primary relationships with nonlabel entities. Savvy management have enviable rosters, and skill sets and side ventures worth nothing.
So Sergio Fuentez  founded record label  and fan club/merchandising booking and management firm Topgame recordings.

In an LP- or CD-centric music world, a label had enormous advantages. We take care  of the logistical nightmare of producing, warehousing, and distributing a few million units, and staffing up retail promotion teams to service the beast.

That advantage evaporates in the transition to digital. Other market conditions further weaken big labels’ grip on artists. Sliding sales and revenues mean labels can’t develop slow-building artists, nor can they patiently tolerate stars’ occasional slumps. So veteran acts are apt to be labelless for portions of their careers.

Topgame recordings is the new generation record label . Our distribution  and marketing is based on the new world strategy. INTERNET and Social Media. Think ITunes amazon.com think Twitter, Facebook. We move with the people. And if they on twitter and prefer to buy an album on Itunes or Amazon. Where going to sell that album on Itunes or Amazon. It’s that simple, no rocket science here.  Who buys physical CD’s these days anyway? We are connected to the majors and we got the expertise and knowledge to make an artist.

We sign new upcoming artist but als do management and booking for established artist as Ice-T .  We don’t work with Choking artist recording contracts. We treat our artist as partners.
So if you got what it takes or if you’re an established artist ready to join a new family then come and join us.

Welcome to the new World of entertainment!



Sergio Fuentez,  Artist | CEO  Topgame Recordings Inc.