Demo Submission

Welcome to the Demo Submission Tool for Topgame Recordings. We are really exited about your new tunes!

In order for us to better manage the huge number of demos we’re sent, keep things organized, and assure your demo will be listened to, please consider the following few rules:

  1. Name your tracks according to our naming convention:artistname_-_title.mp3For additional artists and singer features, use underscores to include them with the artist’s name (eg. artistname_feat_singer_-_title.mp3).
  2. Acceptable file formats are only mp3 (at least 320kbps). Please use only constant bit rate (CBR, no VBR!) for converting your files.
  3. Use the upload form below to submit your track and fill out the form correctly. Every field is mandatory, and only complete filled out forms will be processed.
  4. Due to the large number of demos we receive, we cannot respond to each submission. Be assured that we do listen to every single track and will surely contact you, if the track is of interest to us.



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